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About Joseph Pozzuoli Principal Architect

Joseph Pozzuoli Architect

With over 25 years experience, Joseph Pozzuoli Architect brings unparalleled creativity, design and function to each and every project.

The diverse repertoire of projects from multi family and custom homes to condominiums and churches to restaurants and parks, shows the many talents of Joseph Pozzuoli Architect (JPA). With no project too big or small, JPA looks forward to creating a unique design for each client’s needs. Our goal is to create a truly original project for every client that will surpass your wildest imagination. Do you want your project to look like your neighbors? No, either does JPA - Creativity and Design are our passion!

JPA has completed more than 1,500 projects throughout all of Florida, with some in New York, Rhode Island and Georgia, with a diverse project portfolio. Past projects include recreation facilities, custom homes, churches, restaurants, office buildings, day care centers, community parks, condominiums, shopping centers as well as additions and renovations. JPA is a licensed Interior Designer and also provides a wide range of architectural and commercial interior design services.

Our client is our most valuable resource and we at JPA, take pride in providing professional yet personalized service. The desire of JPA is to help transform your vision into reality! We accomplish this goal through extensive communication, active listening and showing great attention to our client’s needs and desires. The individual attention that is given to each client establishes a lasting relationship for years to come and a referral base without reservations.

The office of JPA is equipped with state-of-the-art computer hardware and software that allows us to provide superior design, quality drawings and greater flexibility during the design process. While technology is important, Joseph Pozzuoli is well known for his ability to sketch free hand renderings as well as colored renditions with an exceptional eye for proportion and scale. This skill gives the client a beautiful visual of the finished project. This kind of talented custom service demonstrates our commitment to the highest quality and attention given to each project, and more importantly, every client!

Our Location Flagler Beach, FL

Our office is located in Flagler Beach, Florida on Moody Boulevard.

  • Office Hours:
  • Monday - Friday
  • 9am to 5pm

About JPA

Joseph Pozzuoli Architect (JPA) is a full service architectural design practice that encompasses the entire range of structure concept, design and construction. Through exhaustive attention to detail, passionate client service and dedication to proportion and scale, we deliver premier architectural design to the entire Southeastern United States.


Other Services

JPA can perform any service related to design and planning. We can help you with interior décor, landscaping, permitting and other important tasks.

  • Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Feasibility Studies (Zoning Issues)
  • Existing Building Assessments
  • Renovations and Restoration
  • Roofing and Water Damage Repair, Design and Detail
  • Graphics and Renderings
  • Renovations and Restoration
  • Structural Repair and Modification
  • Midrise Condominiums/Resorts (Gulf Island resort)